Who doesn’t want a spacious bedroom with plenty of space to walk around or maybe twirl a little? No one, right? But to properly utilize the space of your bedroom to make it look bigger, one must get creative. We are here to suggest the best ways to make your bedroom look bigger, cleaner, and trendier. 

  1. Let’s begin with storage. You need to be smart with the way you utilize the storage potential of your room. The wall behind your bed is an area that people often forget to make use of. You can also choose to buy a bed that has storage capacity. That way, not only the cupboard in your room, but your bed will also serve as a space to hoard stuff.
  1. Next comes the placement of shelves. The strategy here is to go vertical. We suggest that you install layered shelving instead of spreading out shelves on all the walls of the bedroom. That way, the shelves will be limited to one section and other sections of the room can be used for something else. 
  1. Install enough hooks and corner racks so that used clothes and other such articles don’t pile up on your bed, chair or floor. This helps in the easy maintenance of the room.
  1. Another smart way to make your bedroom look bigger is by opting for curtains that are of the same color as the walls. It gives the illusion of a bigger size of the room. 
  1. And the last but most important measure is to cut out on the clutter. Nothing would work if your bedroom has more stuff than actually required. Decluttering is the best way to give a fresh look to a room.

It’s these simple yet tricky details that make the difference. And when these details are matched with high-class quality and design, the beauty of your home doubles.

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Hallmark Skyrena promotes health and fitness through its various sports amenities like indoor and outdoor badminton courts, half-size basketball court, table tennis, snooker, and squash court.

The 2BHK and 3BHK flats in Hallmark Skyrena are digitally equipped with features like home automation, video door phone and intercom facility.

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