Summer’s here and the temperature is on the rise! 

And so is the scorching heat! Right?

But, don’t you sweat because we have got some uber cool tips to make your house cool in the hot summer.

Tip 1:  Blackout Curtains to the rescue!

Simplest of all is to keep your windows closed or at least use blackout curtains or blinds that enclose the windows. Research states that 30% of unwanted heat comes through the open windows and using blackout curtains can reduce the indoor temperature by up to 20 degrees.

Tip 2: Strategize, strategize, strategize!

Opt to cross ventilate. Use your windows strategically in a way that would create a breezy aura. The best time to keep your windows open during summers is between 5 and 8.a.m in the morning and 6 and 9 p.m at night.

Tip 3: Nature is the best remedy!

Revamp your home decor by strategically placing various indoor plants, shrubs, vines, and creepers. This would not only beautify your home but also act as natural air conditioners. Indeed, a double bonanza.

Tip 4: Go old school!

Traditional tricks are the easiest DIY hacks that are pocket friendly as well. If you have an electric fan, an easy trick is to place a bowl of ice in the front. As the ice evaporates, it would make the surrounding air pleasantly cool. Another easy trick is to hang a wet sheet against a window which would cool down the room to a surprisingly great extent.

Tip 5: Say yes to natural fabrics!

Try to replace all your textiles that are made of silk, satin, leather or polyester which tend to absorb more heat. Instead opt for cotton and linen. Cotton especially is the best option as it is light, airy and promotes increased ventilation and airflow. The smarter choice would be choosing the lighter shades of these fabrics as they comparatively absorb less heat and also brighten up the room.

Thus, those were 5 easy tips that would come handy this summer! 

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