A bedroom, of all the rooms in the house, is more personal and one’s own. It is the space wherein you get ready for your day, store your clothes, sleep at night and sometimes even workout. Due to so many diverse functionalities, a bedroom might as well seem small and the space may not be enough.

Indeed, it is a real struggle to make the best of a small bedroom, right?

But don’t worry! We have got a solution for that. 

Hallmark Builders have brought to you some of the amazing space-saving tips that will make your small bedroom much more efficient and spacious. 

So, pull out your planners and jot down your go-to tips, because you are about to transform your bedroom for the best!

Tip Number 1

Utilize the empty corner of your room by installing a clothes rack. It will help in containing your otherwise overflowing room.

Tip Number 2

Choose a bed that has a headboard with storage. The amount of stuff you can hoard in this storage space is unimaginable. Beds with built-in storage can also eliminate the need for a dressing table, thus saving a lot of space.

Tip Number 3

While we are at it, let’s discuss the importance of drawers in the bed frame. If you have drawers in your bed along with a headboard, the amount of hidden space you will create is tremendous.

Tip Number 4

Another excellent space-saving desk is a flow-down desk. Let’s face it. We don’t need a desk in our bedroom all the time. So why keep so much space for it in your room? Instead, go for a flow-down desk that you can open and fold as and when you like. 

Tip Number 5

A clever and easy trick is to add hooks to the inside of your closet door. You can utilize it to hang your bags and scarves. 

Tip Number 6

A bedside table or a nightstand is not the best fit in smaller bedrooms. So why not, mount a simple shelf as a floating nightstand? Not only does it save floor space but is also trendy and chic.

Tip Number 7

Why to limit yourself to just one floating nightstand? Mount multiple shelves in a dapper pattern of your choice. This allows you to add extra storage space without consuming the floor space. Add a fun color to the shelves that would pop up the entire bedroom!

Those were some of the top-notch tips and tricks to save space in your bedroom. But, to incorporate all of the above ideas, you need a first-class home too, right? 

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