We, at Hallmark, understand the emotional attachment you have with your home. We also know that you want your home to stand out amongst the crowd. Do you know what is the only way to break away from the norm when it comes to home décor? Get quirky! Yes, you heard it right!

Quirky is the new cool and hence we have come up with some amazing yet simple home décor ideas you should try today!

  • Blend different trending styles and colors when you design your interior. For example, a subtle mix of boho, vintage, modern and monochromatic artifacts and furniture might just take you by a surprise.
  • Adding to your quirk quota, mix and match different fabrics like the rustic material, jute, woven wicker, velvets, flowy silk, furs etc.
  • Get creative when you accessorize your home. While you may be inclined towards modern and chic art pieces, add an aesthetic ambience to your home by adding a tint of the retro culture. In fact, you could actually choose to make DIY pieces or reuse the old items from your storage room innovatively.
  • Decorate your wall with quirky prints, stencils, patterns, wallpapers, texts etc.
  • Take your quirkiness a notch higher by experimenting with new and unusual materials. Using unrefined textures and incorporating raw materials like a wire mesh decor, metal textured walls, velvet fabrics, sequin pillows,etc. accentuates your home authentically.
  • Have fun and opt for themed crockery. The themed crockery is not only a treat to the eyes, but also elevates your dining area and kitchen room.
  • Add quirky posters and fun quotes to highlight your walls. These posters can literally light up an empty or a dull area on the wall. Make sure to choose posters that you strongly believe in and create your own trend.
  • Get creative and make quirky little set-ups in different empty corners of the house by a little DIY and recycling. These set-ups could bring attention to dead spots in the house and make a huge difference all together.

So, there you have it! The only thing you need to do now is buckle up, pull up your sleeves and get to the coolest business of decorating your home in your very own quirky style.

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