Is there a new addition to your family? First of all congratulations! We understand how precious your little baby is! We also know that you would do everything in your power to protect your baby and keep him/her safe at all costs! Right?

In that case, baby proofing the house even before your little bundle of happiness makes his or her way to their home becomes a necessity and not an option. But, we know all the nerves and excitement that you are already experiencing and hence to make your job easier we have got some simple yet effective basic baby proofing tips. 

So, pull out your notepads and get ready to make a checklist that would definitely come handy!

Tip 1:

Firstly, cover and shield all the electrical outlets. These are the high risk areas you do not want around your baby, especially when they start crawling and eventually walking!

Tip 2:

Use baby gates to block your baby from entering the rooms you don’t want to. You can also use these gates to block the staircases.

Tip 3:

Corners of tables and sharp edges are again very risky. So, all you have to do is cushion them up or conceal them with a soft material.

Top 4:

Ensure to place all the sharp objects like scissors, knives, pens, electrical gadgets etc and the chemicals like detergents, soaps, etc, at a higher altitude, so that your baby cannot reach them. Not to forget the tiny objects like coins, hair pins, medical pills etc, which may choke your baby.

Tip 5:

Installing pinch guards on your doors can eliminate the risk of your baby’s fingers being trapped. Also, ensure to install door locks to the rooms that are not baby-proofed.

Tip 6:

It is always better to use cupboard or cabinet door latches, especially for the ones that are easy to reach. These latches are very useful even to safeguard your baby from accessing breakable items, chemicals, medicines, appliances or cosmetics.

Tip 7:

When your baby starts crawling and eventually walking, the rugs on the floor may let them slip and hurt themselves. Non Skid pads for the rugs are highly recommended to avoid such mishaps.

Tip 8:

Avoid having cords hanging around in your house. These cords could pose serious electric hazards or may also lead to the fall of heavy equipment due to tugging. Cord Holders are the best solutions to fasten the long cords against the wall.

There you go! Now, you are all set to let your baby explore your beautiful home! And, if you are looking for a house in the first place, visit our website and we are sure that you would find the one that is perfect for you and your family.

The Hallmark family wishes you all the very best on this special journey of yours!