Although investing is easy, investing right is not as easy! Due to a recent boom in the commercial sector of real estate, many people are now opting to invest in commercial real estate. Most definitely, it is one of the biggest financial decisions and can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for the first time investors. Wait, are you also planning to invest in CRE and looking for various prospects? Excellent! First of all we are proud of your commitment. Given the fact that this is a significant decision and a long process, sometimes people make mistakes that have expensive repercussions. But don’t worry because Hallmark has got your back!  

Hence, we have compiled a list of the most common pitfalls and blunders that you should avoid while investing in CRE:

  1. No confusion, only clarity: 

The first step in any investment related decision is to know exactly what you want and desire. Hence, discuss with your family and close associates and know exactly what you want in a commercial property that you would want to invest in. Jot down the various features that you want to prioritize like

  1. the location
  2. the amenities
  3. the facilities
  4. the neighborhood
  5. the budget etc. 

The more clarity you have about the overall kind of property you want, the easier it would be to find one!

2. Say no to blind search and yes to thorough research! 

Before jumping straight into the process of visiting your potential investment options, doing an intense research based on your priorities would give you a plethora of options to explore. For this, you can either opt for the online MLS (Multiple Listing Services) or a professional real estate broker/agent.

3. Don’t give in to the excitement!

A very common mistake that especially the first time investors make is that they give in to the excitement and exceed their budget constraints. It then leads to the overuse of their savings which is definitely not the right move. Remember the whole point of investing is to get higher returns, so make sure the budget of your investment does not surpass heavily. 

4. Beware of the hidden charges!

Hidden expenses are subject to every property. These hidden expenses include documentation charges, registration charges, maintenance fee, legal fee etc. If these charges are not carefully calculated, it may even overextend your budget by a huge amount. It is not recommended as it would drain you financially in the future.

5. Your taste should only be a trustworthy builder!

The best way to narrow down to the best property to invest is by choosing a builder who has a good reputation in the market. You can be rest assured about various legal aspects when you buy a commercial real estate property from a renowned builder with a clean history. Timely delivery and quality assurance are the major criterias to look out for!

Talking about well-established builders, if you are looking to invest in an excellent commercial real estate property in Hyderabad, then you should definitely look out for Hallmark Builders in a blink of an eye. We have been in the business of construction and development since 2008. Our finest commercial properties are 4 Drive & Affare located in the prime locations of Narsingi. First-class quality, modern design and mounting profits are guaranteed at Hallmark. The projects are also RERA approved. Your investment in Hallmark is an investment in future.

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