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Top 6 reasons why you should buy a house in a gated community

When you think of a gated community, the first thought that comes to your mind is probably safety and exclusivity. Gated communities are increasingly becoming the top choice for most home buyers. Let us explore some reasons and discover why!

1. Amenities 

Gated communities, like the ones by Hallmark, offer a wide range of amenities like swimming pools, clubhouses and children play area. Many gated communities also have tennis courts, basketball courts, golf courses and offer coordinated activities, lessons and conduct tournaments. 


If you are looking for privacy, gated communities are the way to go. Gated communities ensure limited access to your home and neighborhood. They offer you a sense of solidarity even if you are living in the heart of the city. 

3.  Safety and Security 

Gated communities, like the ones by Hallmark, provide a highly secured environment. Security guards ensure only authorized people enter the premises. Additionally, security cameras, CCTV and interconnected phones help monitor all movements of people inside the premises. Gated communities also ensure controlled entry and exit.

4. Close-knit community 

Living in a gated community gives you a sense of belonging which is rarely the case when you’re living in an independent apartment. If you are living in a gated community, you have a little world of your own. The community atmosphere helps you and your family bond with other residents.You not only celebrate festivals and special occasions as a community, parties, competitions and other friendly activities and events are also very common in gated communities. 

5. Regulated vehicle speeds 

One of the biggest advantages of living in a gated community is that they have regulations on vehicle speed limits. When you are living in an independent apartment, just the thought of letting your child go out alone to play is scary, thanks to the speeding vehicles on the roads. However, if you are staying in a gated community, you can be rest assured that your child is safe as most gated communities, like the ones by Hallmark, have strict speed regulations. 

6. Serenity 

Last but not the least, life in a gated community is a lot more peaceful when compared to life when living in a stand-alone property. Since it is an enclosed community, it blocks out a lot of noise. Landscaping and continuous care of the gardens and lawns ensure beautiful views and serenity. 


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