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Top 5 cities to invest in real estate in 2018

In the recent years, the Indian real estate market has changed drastically due to the changes in terms of policy, regulation, investment perspective and other factors. There has been tremendous growth in the IT, telecom, banking, finance and other industries which has led to an increased demand in residential suits in the country. We’ve listed down the top 5 cities to invest in real estate in India in 2018.

1. Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has hundreds of people moving to the city every day in search of better study and job opportunities. With the metro rail and monorail coming in, the travel time too has decreased. With the tremendous development of manufacturing hubs, special economic zones (SEZ) and numerous IT Parks, the demand of affordable and good housing high in the city, ensuring great ROI. Therefore, investing in real estate in Bangalore this year is a great option.

2. Hyderabad

The rapid growth in the IT sector and other industries like pharma, telecom etc. has made Hyderabad one of the best cities in India to invest in. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and the newly launched metro have only added to the growth of this city. The cosmopolitan culture, terrific weather almost all year long and the fact that it is home to offices of various multi-national corporations and start-ups alike makes Hyderabad one of the best cities in India to invest in.

3. Pune

One of the most multi-cultural cities in India, Pune is hands-down one of the best cities in India to invest in. The city is not only home to some of the best educational institutions in the country, the city also has a flourishing IT and auto-mobile sector. The huge number of opportunities encourages people from all over the country to migrate to the city leading to an ever-increasing demand of good housing, making Pune a great city to invest in.

4. Chennai

The largest economic hub of the country, Chennai is a growing cultural and educational hub. The city has managed to develop into a modern city while preserving its old-time charm. One of the few cities selected to be developed into a smart city in India, Chennai is definitely a good option for anyone looking to invest in India.

5. Mumbai

The dream city of India, Mumbai attracts hundreds of people every day in search of better job opportunities. With this, the demand for affordable housing also increases, making Mumbai one of the top 5 cities in India to invest in. Top locations like Bandra, Worli and Andheri offer skyrocketing ROI.

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