New to Hyderabad? Your guide to finding your palace in the city of Nizams.

Trying to find a home in a new city can be a rather challenging and stressful task. Worry not! We are here to help you find you your dream home in Hyderabad.


A great way to start researching is by going on the www. Internet is a life saver, especially when you are moving to a new city and are clueless about most things. There are a number of real estate websites and portals online that can be of great help to you. Do your homework and gather information about the local economy and real estate. As all real estate markets are different, be prepared for fresh norms when moving to Hyderabad from another city.


After you have done your initial research, it is time to shortlist. Keeping your budget and the kind of environment you want to live in in mind, you can approach your colleagues and friends in town for some assistance. They would be able to tell you more about the cost of living, traffic conditions, nearby schools and colleges in different areas and other information that can help you shortlist and narrow down your options. Some factors to consider while shortlisting are:

–       Which neighborhood suits you the best given you income and lifestyle?

–       Would you prefer living in an independent house of a flat?

–       How far is your office or your children’s school from there?

–       Access to public transport and proximity to airport, railway station etc.

Decide whether you want to buy or rent:

Buying a home in a new city is a big step. So, decide whether you wish to buy or rent. Few things to consider while making this decision are –

–       Are you in a position (financially) to buy a home in the area you wish to stay in?

–       Are the rent rates in your shortlisted area reasonable?

–       How long do you plan on living in the city?

As buying a house is not only an investment but also a long-time commitment to the area, you must make sure that it is everything you’ve been looking for.

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