As Demonetization is hitting the Real Estate field, Mr. Ashwinder Raj Singh, chief executive officer - Residential Services, JLL India astrologized what changes may occur in Real Estate.

He said, Prices of luxury homes are probably going to fall by 25-30 per cent following ending of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes as transactions during this phase concerned ample money payments, per property advisor JLL.

The property sector will certainly be tormented by the ending exercise because it has historically seen a really high involvement of black cash and money transactions,"

"However, the majority such incidence has been within the secondary sales market, wherever money parts have historically been a veritable 'must'."

In different words, he said, the selling properties section can take a giant hit.

Stating that the luxurious and high-end sections of housing segment can see a serious impact, he said: "The legal banking/ finance channels have accounted for less than a little a part of all transactions during this house. The demonetization move is probably going to end in luxury property costs dropping by the maximum amount as 25-30 per cent as sellers struggle to dump properties to get liquidity."

The luxury home consumers can suddenly have a way wider information measure of choices to settle on from, he added.

"With black cash suddenly being tired of the market, plenty of investors who have financed incomes with unaccounted-for cash - and raising costs to book profits - are eliminated from the system, thereby assisting a much-needed correction," Singh same.

The primary market - or, additional specifically, the market fashioned by comes undertaken by supposed and credible developers within the prime eight Indian cities - would stay additional or less unaffected, the adviser same.

This is as a result of consumers into such comes take the house loans/finance route to shop for their homes, and transactions area unit done through legal channels, he said, adding that there wouldn't be any major impact on sales during this section.

"However, there may well be a control on quite a few comes in tier two or three cities wherever money has contended a job even in primary residential sales. However, the turmoil during this section can quiet down in a very short amount of your time," he said.

On the impact on the world, Singh hoped the passage of the important Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016, the Benami Transactions Act and currently the demonetization move would make sure that going forward, the world can lose a lot of its historic taint and become additional clear.

"Only players who conduct their business with integrity can survive. This augurs well for end-users, who are alert to their rights, have the peace of mind of not being cheated and can now not got to modify perpetually inflation," he said.

Over the future, the Indian property sector can emerge stronger, healthier and capable of long periods of sustained growth, JLL said.

As Luxury home prices going down it will be a very advantage for the middle-class people to buy their dream luxury home.

Reference by,
The Economic Times